Privacy Policy

VSPL Company is committed to protect the privacy of customers and users of our VoIP applications including the PimentoPhone. This Privacy Policy explains what personal data we collect from you and how we use it. VSPL is sensitive to the private nature of information you enter when using our software. We take great care and use the latest technologies to ensure the security and safety of our software solutions. Our privacy practices are designed to maximize your ability to control the use of your personal, private information. We do not sell any information we collect to third parties.

Personal Data We Collect

VSPL collects only data that is required to properly connect to your VoIP server of choice and to operate the software effectively providing you with the best possible VoIP experiences. You provide this most of this data on the “Settings” section of our applications or when you contact us for support. The software is also capable to get some information automatically such as your contact list and country. Usually the following details are mandatory to be provided by the endusers: the address (IP and/or domain) of your VoIP server and your SIP account credentials (username/password) Most of the details collected by our software is never sent to us, only to your own VoIP SIP provider as these are required for proper functionality of the service or for enhanced experience. In case if you are not using your own SIP server (but a third-party service provider) VSPL is not responsible for the data collected by the company providing the VoIP service. See your provider (if any) Privacy Policy about how these details might be used. The data we collect can include the followings:

Audio recording and camera

The application must have access to these devices to be able to fulfil its basic functionality of making VoIP calls. Data recorded from these devices is never sent to VSPL but streamed to your SIP server or peer when you initiate or receive a VoIP call.


Most of the settings you provide on the “Settings” section of the application will be stored only locally and will never leave your device. However some settings are required to interact with your SIP server / service provider or VSPL support and these might be sent with the SIP signalling or separate channels (usually via secure HTTP based API). The submitted details are listed in the below points.


We collect your username and password for the VoIP service you wish to use to be able to login the SIP stack on this VoIP servers using secure SIP digest authentication conform to SIP RFC 3261 standards. These details are stored only on your device (softphone settings) and not sent to VSPL.

Name and contact data

We might collect your name, email address and other similar contact data to enhance your VoIP experience. These details are not submitted to us, but might be presented in the SIP signalling so be presented to the other end (Caller/Called party).

Contact list

Your contact list is displayed within our software to make it easy to call people over VoIP. Your contact list might be uploaded to a central server if you choose to synchronize the list with other softphones (for example your windows softphone). This can be turned on/off from settings. Voice recording. Our software has the capability to record voice conversations. This is an opt-in feature and only stored on your device for later reuse by you.

Location data

The software might automatically submit your country as part of the SIP signalling which might be processed by your VoIP server or VoIP service provider. Your VoIP service provider can also locate you by the IP address from where you connect to the SIP server.

Device ID

The software might generate a GUID for your device which might be used for several features such as auto sign-up (to prevent multiple accounts).

Phone status

Our software collects information about your device such as internet connection type or idle status to determine the best suitable connection method, codec, retry interval and other details necessary for proper functionality. These information’s are not submitted anywhere, but might be present in the logs.


From within the application you can submit logs to our support which might contain sensitive information such as your VoIP server address and username. We are treating all these logs as confidential.


We collect content of your files and communications when necessary to provide you with the services you use. For example, if you receive a message using a VSPL hosted messaging service, we need to collect the content of that message in order to deliver it to your softphone client, display it to you, enable you to reply to it, and store it for you until you choose to delete it. Examples of this data include the content of instant messages, or documents, photos, music or videos you file transfer using VSPL services. We also collect the content of messages you send to us, such as feedback and product reviews you write, or questions or information you provide for customer support. When you contact us, such as for customer support, chat sessions with our representatives may be monitored and recorded.

How We Use Personal Data

Most of the sensitive data collected is submitted to your own VoIP server or service provider and not to VSPL. See your provider (if any) Privacy Policy about how these details might be used. When data is submitted to VSPL, we are using the collected data to provide you with the services we offer and to improve and personalize your experiences, as well as the products and services VSPL provides. We also may use the data to communicate with you, including sending you information on security updates or product updates.

Further details on how we specifically use your data are outlined below:

Providing and improving our products and services. We use data to provide and improve the services we offer. This includes operating the services, maintaining and improving the performance of the services, including development of new features, research, and providing customer support.

Push notification

To let you know of incoming calls, chats and other messages, our apps might use the notification service on your device. For many devices, these services are provided by another company. To tell you who is calling, for example, or to give you the first few words of the new chat, our service has to tell the company providing the notification service so that they can provide the notification to you. The company providing the notification service on your device will use this information in accordance with their own terms and privacy policy. VSPL is not responsible for the data collected by the company providing the notification service. If you don’t want to use the notification services with our applications, turn it off in the settings found in the application or your device.

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